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Register Your Bike For Free!

If you are a Danforth student, faculty or staff member who will park your bike on campus, it’s mandatory to register your bike with WashU and clearly display the registration shield on your bike.

Displaying a registration shield helps protect your bike from theft and facilitates the recovery of lost or stolen bikes. It also allows WashU to contact the owners of bikes that were impounded due to improper parking, like blocking pedestrian access.

The registration process is fast, easy and mobile-friendly!

1. Visit Project529.com/washu (must include /washu) to register important details about your bike and select your delivery option.
2. Once you get your registration sticker, complete your registration:

Log into your 529 Garage account at project529.com or on the 529 Garage app to link your registration sticker to your account. Under “Your Garage”, click “Edit Bike” and scroll down to enter the 7-digit Shield ID found on the sticker.

Carefully attach the sticker to your bike frame’s top tube or down tube in a visible manner. Once attached, the sticker cannot be removed without being destroyed.

Managing Your Registration & Reporting a Missing/Stolen Bike: Visit project529.com or use the 529 Garage app to edit your bike information, mark it missing/stolen to alert other users, transfer your bike’s registration to a new owner, and so much more.

If your bike is missing/stolen, file a police report and start an alert in your 529 Garage account. If you issue an alert, you can print or email your saved bike information directly to an officer or insurance agent. If it was stolen from campus, report it to WUPD (314-935-5555). If it was stolen somewhere off campus, report it to the appropriate police department.


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