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International Travel Registry

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Registration for university-related international travel is required of all students and all benefits-eligible faculty, staff, clinical fellows, and post-doctoral researchers traveling outside the United States for university purposes.  The new policy is being initiated to help ensure your safety and well-being while traveling internationally and to better assist you in emergencies or times of crisis while you are abroad.  

The policy takes effect in March 2018, but will not be fully enforced until August 31, 2018, to give travelers time to become familiar with the new system.

International SOS (ISOS) MyTrips will require you to create a one-time traveler profile through ISOS and then register details of each trip through the system.

 Please visit mytrips.wustl.edu or the WashU International SOS website to learn more about the new process and set up your traveler profile.  The websites contain a MyTrips user guide and FAQs.

If you have a general question about the new policy and related procedures, please email global@wustl.edu.

You can also email ISOS technical support at onlinehelp@internationalsos.com if you need help setting up your profile or registering your trip. 


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