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  • For Faculty, Staff

The STAR program strives to develop and provide training opportunities that will allow trainees to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career within research administration.

The STAR program offers three certificate track opportunities:
- STAR Certificate
- Pre-award (Intermediate)
- Post-award (Intermediate)

Featured courses:
- STAR 100, Research Lifecycle, On-boarding
- PA 105, Proposal Preparation
- PA 107, Outgoing Subaward Lifecycle
- PA 106, Just in Time and Supplemental Agency Requests
- AW 101, Overview of Costing Principles and Internal Controls
- AW 102, Post Award Financial Management
- AW 103, Salary, Effort Lifecycle and Other Payroll Considerations for Sponsored Funds


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Research Administration Training Manager (Iris Peper)
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